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“Have a good time, and don’t take yourself too seriously.” These words spoken by DJ Applebaum, describe her sound perfectly. Think: packed dancefloors, summertime, and having fun. When she plays a set, Applebaum is just as likely to play a Golden Era crowd-pleaser as an underground house anthem – as long as it gets the party moving.

It comes as no shock Applebaum is an expert at rocking a dancefloor – she got her start in music throwing legendary parties in Banff. Quickly moving her talents behind the decks, Applebaum honed a sound that is one part funk, one part groove, one part bass, and one hundred percent entertaining.

Applebaum is a staple on Calgary lineups, where she is based. A regular name on Cirque de la Nuit events, Pride parties, and BassBus shows, Applebaum can be found playing shows nearly every weekend. Summer 2020 will see her on the Western Canadian festival circuit, as well as continuing her summertime residency, Hip-Hop Heat, which she curates and plays with local legends Jams, Mittz, and Big Worm.

As a legacy member of Girls on Decks and an employee of AEMCON, Applebaum’s roots in music are deep. Her name says it all, paying homage to the classics like Tribe, but with a unique twist. When you see Applebaum, get ready to laugh, sing, party, and, most importantly, to dance!




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