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Camille Betts

Visual Artist 


Burnt Toast Studios, Studio Cartel


Camille's body of work is decidedly ecologically conscience, as most of her materials are recycled or repurposed from their original function. Central to her work is the process of making recycled hand-made paper. She transforms this newly created paper, from the presumptive two dimensions into large three dimensional objects. The fragility of her work is influenced by the ethereal experience, her ability to experience the here and now while at the same time accepting the past and welcoming the future.


Camille attained her BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in Sculpture in 2006 and went on a six month residency in 2009/10 in the Interactive Arts and Entertainment Program at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. In between she travelled throughout the western half of this continent finding enlightenment through music and art. After Toronto she returned to translate her life into a visual and tactile realm of experiences.


Burnt Toast Studio welcomed Camille in 2008 and she has been making installations from the ceiling down since then as an alternative to conventional sculpture presentation. Since joining Burnt Toast she has had opportunities to show frequently around Calgary including at Untitled Art Society, The Art Gallery of Calgary and Wreck City. Kit and Kaboodle Circus and The People Inchoate are groups that she works with consistently as well as writing for Freq Magazine. 2013 saw Camille join up with the Big Kitty Crew creating new experiences that are being memorialized in art somehow as you read this.